White, Red & Blue Chritmas Tree Lights

Why has the multicoloured tree lighting changed to white, red and blue stripes?

The response to this question raised by several people is:-

Sadly the lights used on the two large Chinley and Buxworth Christmas trees up until last year have seen better days.

They have given long service, as they have been in use for many years - well before the current clerk's 13 years in post. Unfortunately they have been reducing in number gradually with occasional breakages of covers etc and more rapidly with a couple of vandal attacks over this time. Replacement bulbs for them were also becoming more difficult to source and with the great advancement in more economical LED lights the decision was finally taken by council to purchase new ones.

The choice of white, red and blue from the colours available was a unanimous decision of council. Arrangement of the lights, which are in strings of 100 of the same colour, into blocks of colour on the trees was at the suggestion of the electrician. The configuration may be different next year, but will obviously still consist of a minimum of 100 consecutive lights of one colour.

The Parish Council hopes that everyone will be happy with the decision to provide a larger number of lights in a smaller colour range.

Regards & Best Wishes for the New Year

Posted: Tue, 03 Jan 2017 11:06 by Parish Clerk

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