Neighbourhood Area Consultation

Chinley, Buxworth and Brownside Parish Council has applied to High Peak Borough Council for designation of the parish as a Neighbourhood Area. This is the first step towards preparation of a Community Right to Build Order to replace the Community Centre at Lower Lane, Chinley.

Plans for the Community Right to Build Proposals are currently being prepared. A consultation on these is expected to take place in July and will be advertised shortly.

The consultation on the Neighbourhood Area Designation application closes on Thursday 30th June 2016.

The application with its related map can be viewed either on-line on the Borough Council's website, by following this link CBB neighbourhood area or at locations as advertised on the Neighbourhood Area Notice below, including in the Parish Room window, Lower Lane, Chinley.

Applying for designation of Chinley, Buxworth and Brownside Parish as a Neighbourhood Area means that the Parish Council is able to prepare a Community Right to Build Order to help deliver a new community centre to replace the existing building at Lower Lane, Chinley. We hope that you will support the Parish Council and the Community Association in their efforts.

Posted: Thu, 02 Jun 2016 01:00 by Parish Clerk

Tags: Community Centre