Financial Information

How much does the Parish Council cost?

Parish councils attempt to stay non-bureaucratic, and remain the cheapest kind of local authority in existence. They are funded by a small part of the Council Tax.

The Councillors themselves are unpaid volunteers, members of this community who have openly declared their interests within that community so that personal gain from public funds cannot occur.

The accounts are made available for public inspection at the end of each financial year, and are both internally and externally audited. This year (2015/16) the 'precept' or public funding for this council has been set at £51,089. This equates to 94p per week for an average property(Band D).

Annual Return Form

Auditor Report

Precept & Funding

For 2015/16 this council will receive total funding of £60,159.81 comprising

Precept (public funding for this council at 94p per week for an average property(Band D)) of £51,089.00
Council Tax Support grant of £2,972.81
and Parish Support Grant of £6,098.00

The budget shortfall of £674.93 will be provided from reserves.


Wherever possible. the Parish Council supports groups and organisations active within the parish and bringing benefit to the parish or its inhabitants through grants and donations. Requests can be made for some of the small pot of money made available each year for this purpose. Applications should be sent in writing to the Parish Clerk with a brief outline of the aims of the organisation and a copy of its latest accounts information.

Details of grants and donation made can be found in meeting minutes.