Council Land & Property

Chinley Buxworth & Brownside Parish Council is responsible for a relatively large amount of land.
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At Chinley we have Chinley Playing Fields with two football pitches, a skatepark/cycle facility, Chinley Playground and a car park. These are located off Lower Lane (B6062) behind the Conservative Club and Henshall's Butchers shop. Part of this site is leased to Derbyshire County Council for the Chinley & Buxworth Community Centre and Tennis court which is currently managed by the Community Association.

Also at Chinley we have Stubbins Park Local Nature Reserve and Chinley Allotments located between the railway line adjacent to Lower Lane and Stubbins Lane. And in the centre of the village we have Squirrel Green.

At Buxworth we have Buxworth Recreation Ground (known locally as 'the greenfields'). This area is located between Station Road (Buxworth)(B6062), the Manchester/Sheffield railway line and the Blackbrook river. Facilities currently provided on this site include an area of grazing land at the eastern most end adjacent to Footpath 20 which crosses the site from north to south, Buxworth Playground and a football pitch at the western end adjacent to Buxworth Memorial Club and on the opposite side of the river at this end a small area currently used as an allotment. Plans for provision of an allotment site, with parking provision on this area are currently in progress and it is also hoped to introduce a community orchard, picnic area and riverside walk to further enhance the area.

There is also a small parcel of land at Wash village.

The Parish Council also maintains a number of seats, grit bins, picnic tables, litter bins and notice boards around the Parish.

Chinley Buxworth & Brownside Parish Council rents the Parish Room, 3 Lower Lane, Chinley.